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How to prevent your curly hairs?

                           Ways to prevent your curly hairs

 Most women wish to have a curly hairs because it increases their beauty too much. As curly hairs increases your beauty, so its very important to take care of your hairs. Curly hairs demand more care than straight hairs. You should have to prevent it from dryness, tangled, frizziness,  messing of hairs. First thing I want to tell you that curly hairs are more dry than straight hairs and many women believe that only conditioner is sufficient and they don’t use shampoo. This create frizziness in their hairs. Please wash your hairs with shampoo and then apply conditioner. Always use shampoo which do not contain sulphate. Apply conditioner from bottom of your hair to the top as it prevents your hair from being tangled. Conditioner keeps your hairs well moisturized. Don’t use your towel to dry your hair as it is the cause of frizzness. Use any T-Shirt to dry your hair. Always used a wide tooth comb from bottom to top of your hairs. It’s a rumour that using salt sprays will beautify your curls, but the fact is that salt sprays dry your hairs and your hairs weakened and starts falling. So avoid using salt on your dry hairs. Use natural ways to dry your hair instead of using blower. Blower heat makes your hair dry and weak and frizzy. Use hairnet while you are taking shower for fine curls. Use serums to control frizz. Use satin pillows because of less friction. Take a regular trim of your hair after regular interval especially when it is dry and frizzy. This all about the ways to prevent your curly hairs. 


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